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Jacob Noble - Host

Coming from a family that owns liquor stores in Massachusetts, Jacob has been around craft beer since he was legally allowed to drink. I mean, we can't condone underage drinking here.  His love for craft beers has taken him into the snob zone where he will spit in your eye if you dare hand him any domestic non-craft beer.  You were warned.

James Bucklin - Co-Host

James Bucklin once had multiple tweets of his appear on a jumbo projector at a craft beer festival, so he obviously knows his stuff. Raised in the woods, presumably by wild animals, James displays a carnal sense of primal instinct when taste testing crafts. And after four or five, look out humanity.

Ben Kenna

With a palette as sharp as a thumbtack, Ben Kenna has been guzzling craft beers since the dawn of time. Filled with a boundless cornucopia of anecdotes, Ben is the ideal renaissance man to lead the craft revolution. Just don't offer him a Pumpkin Ale, or prepare for his fist to meet your face.

Mike McCormick

Mike isn't exactly a craft beer connoisseur, but he's been crushing beers on the reg for as long as we can remember. So many beers, in fact, that he is considered to be an expert in some circles -- although it is unclear whether or not these circles fully understand the definition of the word "expert." Either way, open up your ears the next time he visits the show, and you might just learn something.

Jared Freid

Jared Freid is a Stand-Up Comedian and Writer based in New York City. He has been featured on Tru Tv, written dating advice for Weekly World News, and currently writes “J-Train’s World” for Jared also produces one of the largest independently run shows in NYC called “J-Train’s Comedy Express”, which you can “like” on Facebook.

The Dolls

Molly and Megan come from a background of drinking guys faces off at local bars.  Constantly doing things for their own amusement.  You won't know how or when it will happen but when it does, it will.

Eddie Belmonte

Yet another non-expert of craft beers, however Eddie B's expertise leans more towards the "laughs" category. Some say it's his life's work. Eddie B brings his eloquent opinions to these crafty beers with a somewhat relevant anecdote.

Josh Levine

Josh Levine is a poli-sci major who loves debating politics. He is also a fan of beers...and laughs.  He does not like beers that are over 7% alcohol but doesn't mean he won't milk them.

Allison Noble

A family and friend of the podcast, Allison is more knowledgable in her wines and liquors but don't mistake that for an amateur to beer.  She can belch with the best of them and provides many laughs on the episodes she appears in.


Danielle doesn't like craft beers and prefers to get hammed up on some white wine.  This didn't stop her from slugging down cold beverages with the Guys to tell us about dress shopping.

John Clancy

We're not really sure why we invited John onto the podcast. If you ask him what he wants to drink, he's far more likely to order an embarrassingly girly drink than a beer. He may not be as funny as he thinks he is, but every now and then he'll say something that will elicit a laugh.

Night Shift Brewing

The Beginning of Night Shift Brewing from nightshiftbrewing on Vimeo.

One of the few who actually bring knowledge to the table when appearing on Beers and Laughs, Rob has a rich history of craft beer knowledge from working in liquor stores, making his own craft beer and becoming a craft beer sales rep.  He also knows a good dick joke or two.

Bob, also known as Wombat Moongrass is an every day comedian to those who know him personally.  Thankfully we know him personally.  He has spent many nights at a bar stool with The Guys and is always down for a craft.

Talita Nogueria

Talita’s love of beer started when she moved to Boston in 2009. It was love at first sip when she discovered that there are actually good beers compared to what her friends drank in college. She is always down to try the latest craft beer.

Jessica Nutting

Jess' love for craft beers started with her invention of the tap game (ask her about it sometime). Since she is a designer/coder, she tends to pick her beers based on how pretty the label is, or how dumb the name is, rather than actually reading the info on it. She's not really sure how qualified she is to be on this podcast other than she really likes beer. And giggling. The end.

Bog Iron Brewing

Brian, Matt (Maty) and Frank are excellent podcast guests.  With over 50 combined years of home brewing of some sort, they have teamed up to make New England's best kept secret in Norton.  They aren't slow to jab at each other's brewing skills and awful palettes.  These guys kept the beer flowing and the jokes plentiful.  You should listen to their episode to hear their stories on how they name their beers.

Mike Rendini

More known for his musical talents opposed to his beer tasting and podcasting talents but Mike has delivered some memorial stories and segments on his appearances of Beers and Laughs.  His love for comedy really shows when he joins our podcast.