Episode 236: Live Podcast and Tap Takeover with @CIBrewing and Comedian @ecoreysaunders

0:00 - 10:00  - Welcome to Beers and Laughs Live
  • James intros Jacob - Jacob intros James
  • We have Castle Island founder Adam Romanow joining us
  • Maggy’s has Castle Island on tap all night and we encourage you to drink it
  • Explain the beer options Castle Island has tonight
  • List the raffle prizes and how to get in
  • Corey Saunders will be joining us later
  • Corey Saunders is a comedian. He is television personality that can be seen on Dirty Water TV
  • Castle Island will also be trying a beer that Jacob made tonight so look forward to that. And we have the fun games you all love as well.
  • Thank everyone for coming on the first night of NFL
  • Talk a little about NFL, how Jacob became a Dolphins fan
  • Other random banter inbetween

10:00 - 35:00 - Welcome Castle Island to the stage / Interview BH
  • You’ve been on our regular audio podcast, so we have to ask, why would you want to do the show again?
  • How did you get started?
  • Where did you get the name?
  • We asked this on the other show, but how did you settle in Norwood?
  • What’s up with the new Constitution Wharf location?
  • Is beer better indoors or outdoors?
  • Why don’t you have Dank Sinatra all the time?
  • Being from New England we know where a name like Candlepin comes from, but what about Keeper?
  • Did you ever intend to name TBD or was that always the joke?
  • What’s your desert island Castle Island beer?
  • What’s your dessert island Castle Island beer (the best to have on an island full of sweet treats)?
  • In our previous shows we’ve had some great stories about drunk people in the taproom? Do you have any such stories?
  • I saw on your taproom calendar something called Pound and Pour fitness. Are drinking and exercising a good mix?
  • We’ll give you 60 seconds to talk about anything you’d like

35:00 - 40:00 - Movies in Other Words: Beer Movies

40:00 - 45:00 Try Jacob’s Beer
Jj is allowed to pee during this segment
  • Jacob explains the beer
  • Castle Island tries the beer - the group discusses taste, brewing process, etc.
  • Bring audience members up to try it
  • Ask Castle Island guys for advice
  • Remind everyone about buying Castle Island beer and the raffle
  • Thank Castle Island

45:00 - 60:00 Interview Corey
  • I think we established in your last appearance on our podcast that you don’t really drink beer. What types of drinks do you prefer?
  • If you could make a beer that you would love what would it taste like?
  • What are three things we should like more than beer?
  • What draws you to comedy?
  • What is Dirty Water TV?
  • How can people see it?
  • Would you rather drink a bad beer or actual dirty water?
  • Who is your idol?
  • JJ has done this a few times on the show: break down your perfect 24-hour day

60:00 - 62:00 Remind people about buying Castle Island and getting in the raffle
  • Ask Corey which Castle Island beer he’s drinking and if he would buy it, hope someone else supplies it or straight up deny it

62:00 - 75:00 Corey Eye for the Jacob Guy
  • Corey breaks down Jacob’s style, personality and interests
  • JJ lists off things about Jacob for Corey to comment on, such as:
    • Clothing
    • Hairstyle
    • Beverage choices
    • Likes golf
    • Listens to pop punk
    • Loves meatballs
    • Thinks Big Daddy is better than Billy Madison
    • etc.

75:00 - finish
Concluding the Show
Plugging Castle Island again
Thanking Castle Island
Plugging any Castle Island events
Thanking Corey
Corey’s plugs
Everyone’s Twitter and insta handles

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