Episode 198: Whalers Brewery Amazing Taproom

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Josh and Wes welcome us to their amazing taproom and beer selection.
(0:00 - 2:02) Introductions around the table, figure out how to use the microphones (2:03- 2:08) Find out how much money it takes to start a brewery. (2:13 - 11:05)  Jacob and Wes become best friends and James and Josh become best friends.  We learn about Josh and Wes' pasts and how they came into brewing.  Pro-tip: send an email for a job. They give job interview tips, wear a tux.  Wes and Josh discus homebrewing, some common mistakes you can make when you start and how the most important ingredient is love. (11:05 - 12:45) Water. Improvement discussion about water. (12:46 - 31:29) We discuss the tap room, events, functions, Australian bartender, cornhole, connect four, and the beers we are drinking.  (31:30 - 46:23) Whale-com to Rhode Island Beers game (guess which brewery makes this beer) (46:24 - 1:02:04) What's next for Whalers Brewery.

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