Episode 83: The Guys Play Golf In Maine

I was lucky enough to be friends with Danny.  Danny won a free round of golf up in Maine. So what do logical people do? Take the day off work to go play golf in the  middle of the week and drink beers all day and night. 
We started with a Baxter variety twelve pack for the course.  We grabbed a couple Maine Beer Co IPA's at the bar waiting for our tee time.  
Then we jumped over to Novare Res, Portland, ME's best craft beer bar as voted by me.  I started out with the Jolly Pumpkin Oro de Calabaza.  AN entire 750ml to my face.  Next I had one of my favorites, a Saison Dupont before we ventured to another bar in hopes of running into ladies.
We went to Porthole's because it has a deck on the water. It wasn't bumping there but the wait staff was hot so it worked out.
I'd like to inform you of the next location but I do not remember it, all i remember is listening to a shitty cover band drinking Sam Summer's to ease into a light hangover for work the next day.
All in all, Maine is a cool place. 

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