Complaint From North End Episode

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We can't thank everyone enough for being patient while we waited out for certain circumstances to happen.  If you listened to our North End podcast, you may have known we got a complaint.  A complaint that reads:

Obnoxious 1st floor renters loudly taping beer rating podcast and making sexist jokes keeping folks awake, followed by marijuana smoke rising into our windows. Add to the list of problem north end properties. Absentee landlord...

This was gold.  Hilarious comment to make.  While our host asked us to wait until his move was complete before posting, we proceeded to discuss this on the podcasts.  We even recorded a whole episode (The Guys Aren't Sexist) to prove that we are not, as stated above, sexist. We love everyone.  ELE (Semi-pro reference).  Anyway, here is the link to that and enjoy the comment section!

By the way, fuck this guy:

Here is what you should do.
By SoBoYuppie (not verified) on 
I have making complaints against disrespectful neighbours down to a science!
As the original SoBo Yuppie who cares deeply about his neighbourhood, I feel your pain. So here is "to do" list to help get rid of people that lower the quality of life in our great city:
1. Call 911 from your cell phone
I know this sounds ridiculous (I thought so too at frist) but this is what the Boston PD told me to do. Don't worry, you won't be tying up police resources. The 911 dispatcher prioritizes each call. So if the cops are told to be on the look out for an assault suspect, they aren't going to stop to come to a house party. Also, now there is a record of an issue at that more of these build up the community can start to pursue an eviction.
2. Call 911 from your land line
See the last sentence for 1. You need to build up reports at the problem address.
3. Email your City of Boston Neighbourhood Liaison.
Click this link and plug in your address:
It will tell you who the liaison is. Click on the person's name and you can send them an email right from the web site.
For the North End it is Nicole Leo.
4. Email the City Councilor .
Same steps as above.
For the North End it is Salvatore LaMattina
5. File a complaint on Citizens Connect.
6. Contact all the community groups.
Ask if they have seen or experience issues at that address. It will keep it in their minds and they will be more likely to file a complaint if they see any problems.
There were two households near my place (1 full of frat boys and another full of townies on drugs). The community (yuppies and life long residents) banded together and got them out. It took a while but it did happen.
Good luck.
- The Original SoBo Yuppie

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