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Nov 26, 2014

Episode 51: The Guys Drink Whiskey On A Monday Night

Jacob ventures off to Kevin's house with Eddie. They sip some delicious Whiskey while they try some delish beers on a Monday night.

They thank the troops on the eve of Veteran's Day as they eat Appie Pie post podcast.

Kevin introduces the new sub-podcast, Science with Kevin.

Eddie has his own mic so we could actually hear him.

Episode 50: The Guys Forget Their Anniversary

Jacob and James think back on the 50 episodes they have produced over the past year. Some great memories and some not so great memories.

They ran through many categorie such as:

Best Guest

Worst Guest

Best Episode

Worst Episode

Favorite Game

Favorite Moment

and many many more!

Nov 8, 2014

Episode 49: The Guys Get CrazySexyCool

James returns from his trips. Allison joins. They discuss Guardians of the Galaxy, eating salad with your bare hands and TLC, the greatest female R&B group.

Also, what's the point of wearing a SARS mask if you take it off to text? Defeats the purpose right?
Oh and the delivery guy interrupted our podcast.

Lastly, check out our new Podcast, a podcast loosely based on TLC.

Episode 48: The Guys Get Very Arrogant

Jacob stops by Third Street Studios for their best quality episode ever. The quality of the production that is, the episode stunk.

Don't listen to it anyway, we don't want you.

See what we did there? Third Street Studios is owned by Mike Rendini.

Jacob and Mike got drunk on a Sunday afternoon and enjoyed the quality of a studio for the podcast. 

Jacob is obsessed with Drake and Mike ponders what life would be like if sneezes smelled like farts.