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Feb 24, 2017

Episode 139: The Guys Take On Toronto

Jacob and James discuss their visit over 10 years ago to Toronto as Jacob boards a flight tonight.
We broke down meeting wrestlers, the NBA celebrity all star game, and the importance of being clean.
Sam Adams Chocolate Boch
Jacks Abby Hoponious Union
Harpoon Barleywine 

Episode 138: The Hits Host Gigantic Brewing Scrilla and Trillium Broken Angel

The Hits (band) host to show off their new production equipment and talk shop.  They drink Gigantic Brewing Scrilla and Trillium Broken Angel.
We discuss the new production company and how to find it (Objective Media Productions) and their band, The Hits.  We talk making music, worst band members, worst shows and drink some delicious beers.

Feb 7, 2017

Episode 137: Tara and Jamie Try Maui Coconut Hawa Porter

Tara and Jamie stop by to try some Maui Coconut Hawa Porter and Green Flash Tangerine Soul Style Pale Ale.  They talk about the Celtics big win and their season, drinking all day and more.  We also may have had a third beer, I can't remember if we did during or after the podcast.  Either way, Beers, Conversations and dog's barking make for a good podcast, right?

Jan 25, 2017

Episode 136: Banded Horn Ghost Window Scares Eddie and Dooley

Branded Horn Ghost Window Scares Eddie and Dooley and more from Jacob's trip to Maine. We discuss things as Eddie lays in a lawn chair after a long day of drinking.  We played some beer trivia (thanks Alexandra) and had a blast while drinking Maine featured beers in Branded Horn Ghost Window and Marsh Island Brewing 20 gauge IPA.  After those were gone we finished with Mikkeller 2012.

Jan 18, 2017

Episode 135: Bent Water Brewery Brings the Funk

We stopped by Bentwater Brewery in Lynn, MA to talk shop. Salesman Ryan and #brewerswife (Priscilla) hung out with us to talk about Bentwater (founded in late 2015).  We drank their beers in their brewery while an open mic was going on.  We discussed the challenges of being a new brewery and how they formed. 

 Don't miss out on Ryan's Chili at the Longboard's Salem Chili Fest on February 21st and look for Bentwater at the Boston Extreme Beer fest during Super Bowl weekend (first weekend in February).