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Sep 9, 2014

Episode 40: The Guys Go To Bog Iron Brewing

Jacob and James ventured .3 miles from James' residence in Norton, MA to a great nano brewery, Bog Iron Brewing.  Brian, Matt and Frank took time to kick everyone out of the bar to enjoy some beverages and laughs with the Guys.

They broke down their backgrounds of home brewing, their real jobs (hint, they don't brew full time) and how they come about their names for beers.  We might have even suggested a new name that has to deal with a historical aspect of the town they brew in.

Make sure you listen in to hear how they named Slap Happy IPA. It involved a bar, a bouncer, and a prostitute. We couldn't make this up.

Sep 4, 2014

Complaint From North End Episode

We can't thank everyone enough for being patient while we waited out for certain circumstances to happen.  If you listened to our North End podcast, you may have known we got a complaint.  A complaint that reads:

Obnoxious 1st floor renters loudly taping beer rating podcast and making sexist jokes keeping folks awake, followed by marijuana smoke rising into our windows. Add to the list of problem north end properties. Absentee landlord...

This was gold.  Hilarious comment to make.  While our host asked us to wait until his move was complete before posting, we proceeded to discuss this on the podcasts.  We even recorded a whole episode (The Guys Aren't Sexist) to prove that we are not, as stated above, sexist. We love everyone.  ELE (Semi-pro reference).  Anyway, here is the link to that and enjoy the comment section!

By the way, fuck this guy:

Sep 3, 2014

Episode 39: Mary Poppins Booty Droppin

Things get out of hand.
Jacob and James go to Mike's House.
Stay Sober our friends.
I suck at poems. 

Aug 29, 2014

U.S. Liquor License Laws and Facts

It's always nice to actually know the facts.  Listening to hearsay can get you into trouble so make sure you know the laws and rules.  Please drink responsibility and cheers!

via Hays Firm