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Jul 30, 2015

Episode 83: The Guys Play Golf In Maine

I was lucky enough to be friends with Danny.  Danny won a free round of golf up in Maine. So what do logical people do? Take the day off work to go play golf in the  middle of the week and drink beers all day and night. 
We started with a Baxter variety twelve pack for the course.  We grabbed a couple Maine Beer Co IPA's at the bar waiting for our tee time.  
Then we jumped over to Novare Res, Portland, ME's best craft beer bar as voted by me.  I started out with the Jolly Pumpkin Oro de Calabaza.  AN entire 750ml to my face.  Next I had one of my favorites, a Saison Dupont before we ventured to another bar in hopes of running into ladies.
We went to Porthole's because it has a deck on the water. It wasn't bumping there but the wait staff was hot so it worked out.
I'd like to inform you of the next location but I do not remember it, all i remember is listening to a shitty cover band drinking Sam Summer's to ease into a light hangover for work the next day.
All in all, Maine is a cool place. 

Episode 82: The Guys Head Back To Third Street Studios

I got a little too hammered on this episode.  I even forget which beer we had. This episode took place a few weeks ago but with the busy summer... it got posted now. 

Jul 13, 2015

Episode 81: The Guys Prepare For America's Birthday

The guys have beers and discuss this great country.  They also have some laughs.  
The Beers:
Stone Enjoy By 7.4.15
Root Beer Beer
Blue Hills Pomegrante 
Dogfish Head Grateful Dead American Beauty

Jun 29, 2015

Episode 80: Throwback Episode

Well it only took 80 episodes. I didn't get to record one this week due to lazy circumstances but I decided to head into the vault of podcast segments or shows that never made it to air. Some for personal reasons and some for god awful reasons.

 Anyways, here are three fun segments. The first one includes Allison and I shooting the shit about lazy people and the lack of desire to obtain knowledge. This was a test of an iphone APP that will most likely change the game of our podcast. Good quality if you ask me.

 The next episode includes our good friends Kevin and Eddie, this was record after episode Episode 51: The Guys Drink Whiskey On A Monday Night. This episode was a shit show, hence having Whiskey on a Monday Night. This part was after the show and we were discussing Eddie banging an older lady and somehow ended up running down the places I've lived. T

he last episode is a nod to the boys. Arguably the biggest shit show ever. This was with Ben, Mike and James. We recorded this part after recording Episode 25 and Episode 27, which were at Mike's house during the summer. We just got back from picking up pizza and you can tell how drunk we all were.

 *No one drove drunk, we had one of the guys sober girlfriend.


Episode 79: The Guys Take In The Summer Part 2

The guys continue their summer rampage of drinking beers and doing drafts.  Kez makes another game that takes too long. Don't worry, he doesn't read this or listen back anyways.  The beers were good, the weather was great, the times were legend. The end. 
The Beers:
Brewmaster Jack Total Eclipse
Stone HiFi+ LoFi Mixtape
Anderson Valley Summer Solstice
Allagash Saision