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Nov 23, 2015

Episode 94: The Guys Have One More Beer After The Bar

Jacob and a couple of friends have a conversation over Earth Eagle gruit after a long night of drinking.
They discussed the terrorism in France live, discussed spoiled brats and entitled shit heads and what they would have to do if the world was ending.

Nov 9, 2015

Episode 93: Podcasting While Working On A Sunday

Jacob takes the podcasting on the road as he catches up with work and raves about current events.
He looks at office chairs, politics, music, football and apartment searching. 

Goose Island Sofie
Cambridge Brewing Company The Audacity of Hops

Episode 92: The Guy Talks Sports and Music

Jacob rants about sports and rap music after Vince Staples comments as his roommate Bob hangs out on the couch. 
The Dolphins get crushed and all sports are happening.

The Beers:
Ballast Point Commodore
Wormtown Bottle Rocket
Fireball Shots

Oct 26, 2015

Episode 91: The Guys Develop A Friend Test

Jacob and James enjoy some killer beers prior to their open mic night.  They discussed what makes a friend and how can you tell if you are friends with someone.  Answer those four questions about someone and that will tell you if you are friends or not.  
The Beers:
Pretty Things Fringe
21st Amendment Toaster Pastry
Widmer Brothers BRRRBON 11'

Episode 90: The Quad Pod Part Deux

I don't really remember much in this podcast like most times we record a second episode in a day but I am sure it was fun and we drank good beers.
Also, Jacob and James performed some stand up at an open mic and will most likely discuss this on a future episode.
The Beers
The Brown Note -An American Brown Ale (gross looking can which sold us)
Chimay - Grand Reserve Ale