Episode 232: @BreweryBabesMA stop by to drink soon to be new friends, @RevivialBrewing and @Mightysqrl

Kelsea and Kelsey (@BreweryBabesMA) come to the stupid to drink Mighty Squirrel and Revival Brewing as they discuss instagram to us.
We played a brand new segment called Saddle Scales! It was a hit.
We talk about breweries and beers we like, what makes a good brewery and how they got into being beer snobs.
They're not snobs tho.

Episode 231: Steve from @BarrelHouseZ bring Spruce Lee for an exclusive first sip.

We had a blast with Steve from Barrel House Z who brought over a first sip, Spruce Lee.  We played some segments including Barrel or House and know your house beers.  We also asked where Steve was on 9/11 and we got to try a maple porter that was made by the Beers and Laughs team.

Episode 230: Eddie hosts and immediately gets fired as we break down the Trump documentary.

This is an old episode with Kristin, Krystyna and Eddie as we spentt the day drinking beers and podcasting.
Eddie hosts and two minutes in gets fired.  We break down the trump documentary and I forget what beers we drank.

Episode 229: @Lordhobobrewing takes over the taps for the live podcast at @maggys_lounge, Comedian @tedpettingell

Lord Hobo Brewery joins the show this month as we drink their amazing beers, Comedian Ted Pettingell joins as well!
We interviewed the brewery and discuss their beers they brought; Virtuoso, Boom Sauce, Glorious, Angelica and Hobo Lite.  We asked them about their underwear and even played a fun game, Lord or Hobo.
We got to try Jacob and Ted's SMASH, which is a one grain and one hop batch. They used American 2 Row grain and Mosiac hops.
Next we interviewed Ted on how to be a better podcast and played Movies in other words.
As always, we gave away a ton of free shit including Burke's CANdles, hats, shirts,m coasters, koozies and more!

Episode 228: The Guys Make A Movie Drinking @springdalebeer sours

Jacob and James hangout and discuss what they would do for a summer blockbuster movie.  Dwayne The Rock Johnson is a sure lead for your movie.  Tune in to find out the rest of the casts and the names of these movies.

Episode 227: Comedian Anthony Massa tries @SamuelAdamsBeer and Jacob's homebrew.

Comedian Anthony Massa comes to give us whiskey and drink some good beers. We talked sponsors, whiskey, beer, south park, comedy, nathan for you for you, and more!

Episode 226: Jacob and James crush @CigarCityBeer

Jacob and James are at it again crushing some delicious beers and talking about god knows what.

Episode 225: @widowmakerbrew Takes Over The Taps at @maggys_lounge during our Live Podcast!!

Ryan and Colin stop by from Widowmaker to talk about their coming together, home brewing, starting a brewery, drums and more! We gave away tons of glasses, tee shirts and hats courtesy of Widowmaker.  
Comedian Jimmy Whitman joined the show later to play some of our favorite games, including Movies in Other Words - 80's Movies Edition.
Thanks again to Maggy's Lounge for hosting the show!

Episode 224: Kristen, Krystyna and Eddie Drink @widowmakerbrew and @bissellbrosbrew

We have to explain time travel to Eddie over some tasty beers from Widowmaker Brewery and Bissell Brothers!
June 21st, Widowmaker/Beers and Laughs Podcast/Tap Takeover 7pm! Quincy, MA! Maggy's Lounge!

Episode 223: We are Jabroni's while drinking @moonhillbrewing

We enjoy some session IPA's by Moon Hill Brewing company.  We discuss what Jabroni means to James and wrestling.  Have you ridden M.O.M.? If so, you'll travel back in time with us.  What's a segway?  We had fun, promoted the show and drank the entire growler in less than 30 minutes.
6/21 Maggys Lounge, Widowmaker, Comedian Jimmy Whitman, Prizes, Beers, No Beets, No battlestar gallactica, but tons of laughs.

Episode 222: Dooley and Kyle stop by to discuss their favorite rappers

Dooley and Kyle come by after a night of drinking in a hot podcast.

Episode 221: Krystyna, Kristen and Eddie crush some @trilliumbeer and @widowmakerbrew

Eddie, Kristin and Krystyna join to drink some @trilliumbeer and @widowmakerbrew on this memorial day weekend.  We tell everyone what we did for this holiday and what Jacob should do for hiking.

Beers and Laughs Live Podcast/Tap Takeover - Movies In Other Words Segment

Episode 220: @Bogironbrewing Takes Over The Taps at @maggys_lounge during our Live Podcast!!

Brian from Bog Iron joins the show as we are live, at a bar, in front of people.  We interview Brian about beer, making babies, butt stuff and more! (00:00-30:00), we play a beer game with Brian (30:00-40:00), Kyle Mangan joins to introduce us to his podcast that is not out yet. (40:00-50:00) and Shawn Carter comes up to play Guess Jacob's Joke! (50:00-60:00) and we raffled off some cool swag to end the night!

Thanks to everyone for coming out, we will be doing a live show again on June 21st at Maggys Lounge.

Episode 219: Kyle Mangan Drinks @leftys_brewing and @eviltwinbrewing to break down @wwe wrestlemania

Kyle joins Jacob and James to crush some beers and recap Wrestlemania.
They crush good beers (lefty's and eviltwin).  They also drink the worst beer... Jacob's homebrew that went wrong.
Also, Kyle has a new podcast coming out and we discuss the live show on 5/17 that is coming up!