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Feb 3, 2016

Episode 100: Andy Ofiesh and Jere Pilapil Stop By

Andy Ofiesh and Jere Pilapil stop by to talk about getting naked and comedy. They inform Jacob of a secret comedy show that happens.
Jere talks about dealing with break ups and stand up.  His best and worst show.
Andy talks about his secret marijuana edible recipe and tells Jacob that his jokes suck. 
Castle Island - Hearthside
Trillium - PM Dawn

Jan 27, 2016

Episode 99: We Got 99 Problems But Comedian Ryan Chani Ain't One

Comedian Ryan Chani stops by to try three beers he's never had.
We discussed what makes a good joke and how to handle hecklers.
Also, check out his Podcast: Learn To Take A Joke
Oh and some very good beer was had:
Uinta Crooked Tinder Rauncbier
Idle Hands Check Raise
Mikkeller Better Half

Episode 98: A Guest Is A No Show

The guest couldnt make it. So Jacob and James pay tribute to Alan Rickman and talk underwear.
Goose Island Sofie
Pretty Things Jack D'Or
Sam Adams Stony Brook Red

Jan 5, 2016

Episode 97: Comedian Matt Kona Stops By

Matt Kona stops by to talk about his extensive VHS collection and trips to the best bed and breakfast spots around the country (or western MA).
We discussed his trips to Vegas, LA and Chicago and some of his most memorable times on stage.  He breaks down how he got started in "the biz".
James tells his annual Home Alone tradition and Jacob explains how hard it is to be a terrible stand up comedian.
Abita Oyster Stout
Ballast Point Marlin Stout
Victory Batch # 5