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Jul 28, 2014

Episode 33: The Guys Discuss Bon Jovi

In this episode, Jacob and James take time out to appreciate one of the best musical artists of all time, Bon Jovi. We lived on a prayer and were wanted dead or alive. It's our lives, it's now or never. This was sort of a tribute to Tico Torres and his amazing artwork.

We learned about the many bands of Raze from Bon Jovi's first band to a Christian pop band who's lead man plead guilty to horrible crimes.

Also, RIP to Dio.

Jul 26, 2014

Episode 32: The Guys Go To The North End

Jacob, James and Mike adventure to a sacred and holy place, the North End of Boston to hang out with podcast favorite, Scotty Peppahs.

You will actually find the origin of the nick name Peppahs and a woman told us to shut the fuck up. Apparently 9pm on a Friday night is quiet time in the city.

You will be introduced to the best game we've had on the show yet, South Africian Politician or Actor? This was a rowdy one. We stopped mid podcast to pizza up.


Jul 20, 2014

Episode 31: The Guys Have Shitty Shandys

Jacob heads over to Eddie's house to hang out with Talita and Shandy's. This episode was intended to have The Dolls on but they bailed so last minute arrangements are made.

They started off with Rhode Island's very own Narragansett Del's Lemon Shandy. Followed by Shock Top Lemon Shandy in the tall boy cans. Next we went with the Time Traveler to get a little strawberry flavor in the mix. And finally finished with a real beer, The Porch Rocker by Sam Adams. All in all a good podcast and even funnier time after the show.

Talita may or may not have walked into the glass sliding door.


Jul 16, 2014

Episode 30: The Guys Go To The Warped Tour

Jacob and James are on location live in Norton/Mansfield for the Vans Warped Tour.

 They did a 30 minute before the show and a 30 minute after the show podcast, melted them together to give the listener the best warped tour experience. They were surprised by the Boulevard Saison Brett making an appearance at 9:55 am on a Wednesday to start things off.

 We were quickly followed by some Sam Adams Summers before heading to the show to crush Yuengling 16oz cans and play Guess Her Age at the good ole Warped Tour. Before stopping back at home, the guys snacked at Albertos for some local craft and half priced appetizers.

 Jacob may have lost his voice.