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Sep 26, 2016

Episode 121: The Return of Mike and the Highland Games

Mike came back from the Highland Games and tells us all about it.
We had great beers as always.  Started off with the Bog Iron Jump Back IPA. Follow thats up with a nice O'Hara stout and then capped it off with the smooth pilsner from Von Trapp Brewery. 
Also more Home Alone talk. 

Sep 13, 2016

Dorchester Brewing Company's Oktoberfest

WHAT: Dorchester Brewing Company's Oktoberfest
WHEN: Saturday, September 17th 11:30am-11pm
WHERE: Dorchester Brewing Company, 1250 Mass Ave Dorchester
DESCRIPTION: Join us to celebrate the official Oktoberfest Kick-Off (same as Munich, Germany!) with lots of our fresh Oktoberfest beer served in traditional German liter steins. This festive celebration will make you feel like you’re in Munich including a live German band, traditional food and all things Oktoberfest! b.good will be serving up $2 brats to the first 50 customers starting at 1pm and the German band will be playing from 3pm-6pm. Come on down for lots of fun and a great time!

Variety of Beers on Tap Including a great German lineup of Dorchester Festbeier, Dorchesterweisse and Imperial Pilsner.

Sep 12, 2016

Episode 121: Critically acclaimed author Courtney Maxwell and her husband

My good friends Bill and Courtney stop by to discuss Courtney's 2008 best seller, Changed Through Blood
This was right after running the 0.0 K charity race for our good friends at Bog Iron.

Here is a review from Amazon:

I have always been one to enjoy fun summer reading, but would become continually aggravated at how well I could anticipate an author's next "move". For about 90% of this novel, I thought the characters would make decision "a" and instead, a curve ball was thrown and suddenly decision "j" was made. Miss Maxwell's writing style is fun and easy to follow. Her capacity to produce movie-like imagery in my mind with her words was quite refreshing. This is precisely what makes me not want to put down a good novel! I recommend this book to anyone who has a sense of adventure and a few undisturbed hours ahead! I hope it won't be six years before the next book is published.

Episode 120: The Guys Appreciate Beer

The guys have smuttynose and discuss their love of beer.

Episode 119: James goes at it alone

James does a solo podcast.  Who knows what's on this episode.  Well, he probably does.