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Jul 26, 2016

Episode 114: The Guys Have Breakfast Beers

Jacob and James are back to recap the summer so far and discuss the end of the day over some beers at breakfast.

Episode 113: Jacob Goes Solo For Content

It's been over a month without an episode so what does Jacob do on a sick day from work?
He drinks beer and recaps his summer so far.

May 16, 2016

Episode 112: The Guys Discuss Spicy Meatballs

Mike is back on the podcast on a lazy Sunday to discuss P Force and Meatballs. We also tackle the transgender bathroom discussion.  It got serious.
Left Hand Good JuJu
Greenpoint Harbor Otherside IPA
White Birch Small Batch Stout

May 3, 2016

Episode 111: The Frank from Akron

Jacob and James spent the afternoon at Bog Iron and you knowwhat that means, a drunk pod.
They try the new Frank from Akron beer by Bog Iron as well as animperial stout with coconut from Boulevard Brewing.

Episode 110: The Championship Round

March Craftness Championship round!
We have the Tank 7 taking home the crown! Boulevard is the firstbrewery to win two titles!