Episode 206: The Guys (and Gals) Drink Time Traveler Blonde and White Lion Brewing Company WL Kolsch (Part 2)

The Guys (and Gals) Drink Time Traveler Blonde and White Lion Brewing Company WL Kolsch (Part 2).  Kristin, Krystyna, and Eddie join Jacob and James.
(00:00-00:30) 40 Dolla You Know What (00:45-18:32) Pro, Anti or Matisyahu (18:32-36:22) Still Pro, Anti or Matisyahu (36:23-??? We stopped tracking) Two Minute Movie Review.
This is part two of a long episode which we drank 4 different beers within an hour and a half. We decided to give this episode to you in small doses. 
Drink responsibility, or not, who are we to tell you what to do?

Episode 205: The Guys (and Gals) drink Lamplighter Lucid Nonsense and Maine Lunch

Kristin and Krystyna join the Guys as they drink Lamplight Lucid Nonsense and Maine Lunch.
(0:00) Ceremonial Crack (1:50) Lamplighter Lucid Nonsense and Introductions (6:50) Lime Slush Puppie (8:45) Tough Can Read (9:14) Ben Kenna Shout Out Of The Week (10:41) Why did Balls go back to swap beers? (12:30) Norton (14:24) Maine Lunch Intro (17:50) Lunch Bunch (20:45) Reader Questions (27:20) Stank (?) (38:21) Enemies, will your spouse kill you? (40:03) Jacob's Accident (41:22) Time Traveler (44:00) Pro, Anti or Matisyahu Teaser (45:07) Bad Beer? (46:54) Eddie and Pub Cheese (48:50) Explaining cutting the episode short (49:13) Dooley's Buy it, Supply it, Diet or Deny.

Episode 204: The Guys Drink Earth Eagle Brewing

Dooley joins Jacob and James to tackle some tasty Earth Eagle Brewing Company.
This one has been pushed back too many times so I said, fudge it, let's post.  I will eventually map out the episode but we start off discussing what happened to McDonald's chicken strips while we sip some Earth Eagle Brewing company and get knocked out by Oskar Blues Ten Fidy.

Episode 203: Lord Hobo Brings The Boom

Will from Lord Hobo comes down to bring us the BOOM. We drink Consolation Prize, Boom Sauce, and Glorious.
(0:00) Discussing Beer and Lord Hobo Brewery (22:01) Brewery Friend Game (31:06) Trophy Presentation (37:30) Dick Pick Sticker (39:54) Brewing Tips (43:09) How many people work at Lord Hobo Brewery (46:11) Zima Comeback (46:50) Things I made for (48:01) Jacob's Joke Game (55:34) Consolation Prize (57:00) Is It Wet? (1:09:04) Buy it, Supply it or Deny It?

Episode 202: Balls, Clam, Eddie and the Moose Drink Bissell Brothers Swish

Honestly, this day was mayhem and I am too lazy to go map out this episode. We had five people on the mic, Balls (Kristin), Clam (Krystyna), Eddie (Eddie) and Moose (Kaitlin). We discussed the lovely town of Mansfield, dating, played some games (Who did more shit?) and of course, went into extreme detail about the craft beer we were drinking, per usual.

Episode 201: Kyle and James Drink Bissell Brothers Lux and Talk Royal Rumble

Kyle and James Drink Bissell Brothers Lux and Talk Royal Rumble. This was a fun episode!
(00:00-3:03) Introduction on Kyle and Wicked Weed Calimost.  (4:47) James "gets" Jacob (6:11) 2nd "Peek behind the curtain" (8:04) Grandma's Milwaukee's Best (9:34) Twitter girlfriend (13:05) Jacob explains "corporate dinner" (16:12) Whats your voicemail greeting (20:02) Wrestling Talk (23:30) Buy it, Supply It, or Deny It (26:45) Zany's Plug (25:45) Gypsy Wind (30:19) Nigel Robes (31:12) Super Bowl Recap Before The Game (37:21) Bissell Brothers Lux (41:03) Who did more shit? (52:23) End of Segment (54:00) Abdomen Talk (58:11) Beer Rating (1:01:20) Jacob doesn't have a go to joke (1:02:00) Royal Rumble Predictions.

Episode 200 Extravaganza

We celebrate 200 episodes.


Episode 199: Eddie and Krystyna Sample IPA's

Eddie and Krystyna join the podcast to sample some delicious IPA's, play some of our classic segments and games and discuss live.  We lost track of time on this so I only mapped out the first half hour.
(:57-7:38) Eddie has a beautiful voice on this podcast and discusses his method of drinking water.  We have Mystic Voltage beer sitting at 7% ABV.  Krystyna gets introduced and I am not already sick of typing her name! (11:57-13:50) Who is the more handsome quarterback? (14:49-23:01) Eddie breaks down a lesbian television show called Casting.  Or Crashing, listening back I am not too sure.  Also, we get spooky with ghost stories. (25:00 - 33:56) Where were you on 9/11?  Bridgewater state campus layout issues and police.  Breakfast sandwich spots.
That's it, that is all I felt like mapping.  The other beers we had on the podcast were Nightshift Armarillo single hop India Pale Ale and Down the Road Beer Co. Dreamtime New England IPA.

Episode 198: Whalers Brewery Amazing Taproom

Josh and Wes welcome us to their amazing taproom and beer selection.
(0:00 - 2:02) Introductions around the table, figure out how to use the microphones (2:03- 2:08) Find out how much money it takes to start a brewery. (2:13 - 11:05)  Jacob and Wes become best friends and James and Josh become best friends.  We learn about Josh and Wes' pasts and how they came into brewing.  Pro-tip: send an email for a job. They give job interview tips, wear a tux.  Wes and Josh discus homebrewing, some common mistakes you can make when you start and how the most important ingredient is love. (11:05 - 12:45) Water. Improvement discussion about water. (12:46 - 31:29) We discuss the tap room, events, functions, Australian bartender, cornhole, connect four, and the beers we are drinking.  (31:30 - 46:23) Whale-com to Rhode Island Beers game (guess which brewery makes this beer) (46:24 - 1:02:04) What's next for Whalers Brewery.

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