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Oct 21, 2014

Episode 45: The Guys and Al went to New Hamsphire

Jacob and James are joined by Allison. They enjoy New Hampshire beers from Allison and Jacob's recent trip to the state that lives free or dies.

Jacob showed James in gifts. One gift actually blew Jacob's mind...

They discussed a lot of their favorite Bon Jovi songs, and other things we think. Who knows. We will be finding out along with the listeners.

Oct 13, 2014

Episode 44: The Guys discuss Ludacris, Mitt Romney dancing and how to get halloween candy as an adult.

Jacob is joined by Mike only.  They discuss Mitt Romney's dancing, Ludacris' album "Chicken and Beer" and how you can get halloween candy as an adult.
Mike discusses his recent trip to Vermont where he brought back some nifty gifties which supplied 90% of the beer for the podcast.  Switchback Brewing and Rock Art Brewing join a beer from Coronado to make this episode.

Oct 8, 2014

Episode 43: The Guys Eat Pickled Oreos Down The Cape

Live down the cape with about 10 people popping in and out of the podcast. They try Mike's invention pickles & oreos while he talks about his favorite appliance, the Auto Blow 2. Allison and Talita were on again but bailed for the hot tub. Eddie, Bob and Mike all joined in the second half. This was a record for amount of reoccuring guests. They played Greatest and Favorite. And drank tons of beers. Including, the famous Heady Topper.


Oct 1, 2014

Episode 42: The Guys Got Too Drunk To Drink Beer

So we got a little too buzzed at the bar and hanging out back at the place before recording.  We had to drink waters for our health.

Have you ever eaten Eggos while playing with Legos? Do kids play with Legos?

We debated punching ourselves in the head.

Or and we had steriod water and that is why we got so violent. Who really knows.

Just make sure you don't cross paths with any stray woofs.