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Oct 19, 2017

Episode 182: James Parachutes Into Foreign Lands on Celtics Opening Night

Jacob and Dooley drink tons of beers as they watch a gruesome injury on Hayward.
JJ calls in to inform us of his secret mission, T & P's to him.
Boulevard Tank 7
Six Point Resin
Revival Brewing Night Swim'ah

Episode 181: Mike Harrington and Nate Doggy Straight Bags

Comedian and Magician Mike Harrington comes by to blow our minds.
We drank Trillium and had our minds blown.

Oct 10, 2017

Episode 180: Comedian James Corbett Makes James Drink A Pumpkin

Comedian James Corbett stopped by to bring us some Pumpkin beers to piss off James.
We discussed the death and life of AIM, American Online's messaging.  We brought back memories reciting the screen names we've had.
We played the Jacob Joke Game and discussed the passing of Ralphie May. 
The Beers:
Pipeworks Brewing - Ninja vs Unicorn
Travelers - Pumpkin Shandy
Dogfish Head - Lime Sour

Oct 6, 2017

Episode 179: Jay and Reggie Crash The Party

Reggie and Jay crash the podcast as Dooley and Jacob crush Trillium and a special appearance by Boulevard Love Child #5.

We learned about the Worcester Wall!

Episode 178: The Gang Parties At Kez's Crib

Jacob, James, Mike and Kez all get together to raise for the day at casa de kez.
With all Ben episodes, we do brackets! We try some local beers.

We drink Bissell Brothers,Mocha Joes, Buzz Balls and Old Planters.