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Dec 6, 2016

Episode 130: Comedian Ryan Chani Tries Ballast Point Sea Monster

Comedian Ryan Chani stops by to drink Ballast Point, Rogue 7 Hop IPA , Bissell Brother's Brewing Dangol and Revival.  James, Ryan and Jacob discuss dating tips, aging beer and Ryan's trip to New York for Dangerfields Comedy Club.

Nov 28, 2016

Episode 129: Mike Brings Brett Sematary For Ghostbusters Review

Mike joins Jacob and James with a Brett Sematary, James brings a Chocolate Ale from Boulevard.  Jacob comes hungover with a Foolproof Barstool. They discuss the world after the US Elections and remembered to review the new Ghostbusters. 

Nov 21, 2016

Episode 128: Dooley and Eddie Have An IPA Day

Jacob takes his talents to Dooley's place where Eddie, Dooley and Jacob have 5 different types of IPA's.  They tried Singlecut Is This The Real Life? IPA, Mayflower Evolipulin (good luck pronouncing this one),  Rogue Yellow Snow IPA, Lord Hobo Boom Sauce, and Gigantic Brewing Ginormous Imperial IPA. 
They discussed what's going on in the news by using the first three words of each news topic.  They pondered if Oprah can do certain things.  And they closed it out with an exit interview.  

Nov 14, 2016

Episode 127: Tara and Ali Drink The People's Pint, Halia and Brew Free or Die

Tara and Ali Drink The People's Pint, Halia and Brew Free or Die.  We discussed Tara's path to craft beer as she legit just got into the world of it.  We drink 21st Amendment's Brew Free or Die IPA and discussed Jacob's trip to San Francisco.  Next we opened up Goose Island's Halia 2016.  Goose Island is in Chicago, where Tara, Ali and Jacob took a trip to for a wedding. Lastly, they drink a local craft from Greenfield, MA called The People'e Pint.  

Nov 11, 2016

Episode 126: Dooley and Eddie Drink Barrel House Z Hoppy Poppy

Dooley and Eddie Drink Barrel House Z Hoppy Poppy, Boulevard Funkier Pumpkin, and Trillium Upper Case.
This was record prior to the election but we told some election jokes.
Dooley will now become a reoccurring guest.