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Apr 13, 2016

Episode 109: Comedians Ryan Chani and David Thomas Drink Beers

Jacob heads to Ryan's house to enjoy a saison, a gose and a sour.  Comedian David Thomas joins the table to drink whiskey and talk about whatever they talked about.  I don't know, go listen to it. 

Apr 5, 2016

Episode 108: Drinking Stouts With Dana Jay Bein

Dana Jay Bein stops by to discuss his comedy album Western Masochist (on itunes, spotify, etc) and his career.  The Jokester tells stories of his family and the time an Irishman refused to serve him Smithwick's.  Buy his CD here or Video here

Apr 1, 2016

Episode 107: March Craftness Second Round

The first round was insane, many upsets, loud noises, so many people here voting and drinking.  However, we have to move on.  The second round was filled of some tough games but the voters spoke. A hoodwink happened after the podcast...voter fraud.
(1) Ballast Point Habenero 
(9) Lagunitas Citrus
(6) Two Roads Hefeweizen
(13) Green Flash Double Stout
(14) Trapp Helles
(5) Six Point Resin
(7) Boulevard Tank 7
(15) Evil Twin Bikini Beer 

Mar 28, 2016

Episode 106: J Smitty Drops By The House

J Smitty stops by to talk about The Burren, calls Jacob the white Bill Cosby, going to San Diego, being a comedian and how he does magic tricks

Episode 105: March Craftness First Round (Sweet 16)

The guys tackle the first round.  The atmosphere was raging and the beers were going down.  A huge upset took place and a lot of lower seed (which means nothing) were victorious.