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Jan 19, 2015

Episode 58: The Guys Go To Narragansett

Jacob and James take an adventure all the way to RHODE ISLAND! They meet with Jim Crooks and PJ to discuss what the word Narragansett means. 
Narrgansett is celebrating it's 125 year as a brewery.  The long rich history of Narragansett is what makes it such a unique brewey to the region. 
Jim shares a brand new beer that was being released that day, the Lovecraft Honey Ale.
They discuss the new brewery coming to Providence and Jacob throws some free ideas at Jim and PJ.  Ideas to upgrade the calendar and how to make a get away trip better.
Also text Gansettbeer to 22828 for a chance to win a spring training Red Sox trip.

Jan 13, 2015

Episode 57: The Gals Get Serious Over Serial Podcast

Allson and Jenn join Jacob to discuss, debate and figure out the murder mystery podcast, Serial.  They all have different takes on various pieces of evidence.  We make asses out of ourselves by assuming.  If you haven't listened to Serial and don't want any spoilers, do not listen to this.
Oh, we had some beers too!

Jan 7, 2015

Episode 56: The Guys Have Bearded Beer

What the hell is a beard beer? Well we don't freaking know. Google it.
We had beers, talked about life and made plans for later. 
Rogue - Beard Beer

Jan 6, 2015

Episode 55: The End of this Year's Craftmas

This was the third episode of a three part Craftmas this year.  We hope you learned something.  We hope you laughed.  And lastly, we hope you had fun.
Merry Craftmas and to all a good night.