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Oct 25, 2016

Episode 124: AWFOL Podcast Crossover Episode

Dan and Tyler from AWFOL podcast join us for a podcast crossover!
These assholes didn't appreciate having the last known Jack D'or known to man.  They were also welcomed with the third best American IPA according to the World Beer Cup, Nightshift's Santilli.  Oh and we had a Guinness. 
What would you eat if you could eat something that is not edible?

Oct 16, 2016

Episode 123: The Guys Go Back To Bog Iron

Jacob and James hang out with Brian after his shift on Friday night.
They talked about the past two years since they've all become friends.  They break down the beer business, especially insurance against Donkey Kong.  The gang breaks down their value in a zombie apocalypse Brian shares some of the Bog Iron goals and Brian plays Top 5 High Five. 
Oh, we taste some rare exclusive beers:
Boulevard Love Child #7
Frank From Akron's travel beer

Oct 6, 2016

Episode 122: Top Five High Fives For Founders KBS

The guys have KBS by Founders and Barista by Clown Shoes.  There was also folgers coffee.
They discussed the end of Ben Kenna's drinking, seeing an accident and how to handle it, and they did some segments for the first time in a long time.
Oh and Halloween plans were made.

Sep 26, 2016

Episode 121: The Return of Mike and the Highland Games

Mike came back from the Highland Games and tells us all about it.
We had great beers as always.  Started off with the Bog Iron Jump Back IPA. Follow thats up with a nice O'Hara stout and then capped it off with the smooth pilsner from Von Trapp Brewery. 
Also more Home Alone talk. 

Sep 13, 2016

Dorchester Brewing Company's Oktoberfest

WHAT: Dorchester Brewing Company's Oktoberfest
WHEN: Saturday, September 17th 11:30am-11pm
WHERE: Dorchester Brewing Company, 1250 Mass Ave Dorchester
DESCRIPTION: Join us to celebrate the official Oktoberfest Kick-Off (same as Munich, Germany!) with lots of our fresh Oktoberfest beer served in traditional German liter steins. This festive celebration will make you feel like you’re in Munich including a live German band, traditional food and all things Oktoberfest! b.good will be serving up $2 brats to the first 50 customers starting at 1pm and the German band will be playing from 3pm-6pm. Come on down for lots of fun and a great time!

Variety of Beers on Tap Including a great German lineup of Dorchester Festbeier, Dorchesterweisse and Imperial Pilsner.